Team/Meeting Room Information

A limited amount of team rooms are available. Please contact Barbara Swafford if you are interested in purchasing one for your school or club. For payment, make checks out to Dallas Chess Club.

What are team rooms and why should you consider purchasing one?

Team rooms are used as a central base of operations for a team. This is useful as your kids will not be running around the hotel but will be in one central location when they are done with their games. It is easier to keep track of the team's players and to make sure that the players do not get lost or in trouble. A team room allow for a coach or hired instructor to more easily go over the student's games without other players or teams interrupting or scouting.

Team rooms also allow for one or two responsible individuals to watch over and care for whole team. Outside food (in all of the convention center) is not allowed.  If internet access is required, there will be an extra charge.

Where are the team rooms located?  The team rooms are located on the 1st floor of the McAllen Convention Center. The main tournament playing areas are also on the 1st floor of the conference center.  The Team rooms will be available from Saturday Morning to Sunday evening.

Are table and chairs included in the room?  Yes table and chairs are included, note that the convention center will use almost all of the tables for the playing area, so you may have to get two x18" tables to make a table, but probably get round tables. Tables can be rented, let us know.



Exhibition Hall - Primary/K-1/Elementary and Skittles.




Ballroom A/B/C/D -  High School/Middle School


Room 101 A  [1,823 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is  - $750 - reserved by Lopez-Riggins Elementary

Room 101 B  [1,774 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is  - $700 - reserved by Treasure Hill Elementary

Room 101 C  [1,687 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is  - $650 - reserved by Beard Elementary and Garcia Middle School


Room 102 A  [1,687 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is  - $650 - reserved by Russell Elementary

Room 102 B  [925 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is  - $500   - reserved by Las Yescas Elementary

Room 102 C  [972 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is - $500  - reserved by Houston Chess Association


Board 1 - TD Room

Board 2 - Computer Room