Advance Registrations. 2017 Texas State Scholastic Championships (407 players) - 2/27/2017 11:52 PM

If your name is on this list, and everything is correct and you do not need to renew your USCF membership, no need to come to registration. You do not need to "check in" Registration is players needing to register or fix a problem.

Coaches: do come to registration to pick up a booklet. Players will have a booklet at their board round 1.

for updates, corrections, bye requests, changes contact Barbara Swafford

NameSectionRtngIDUSCF exp.Byes rdsTeamEMailGrade
Chiang, JonathanHS Championship2335130910969/30/2017 SCARLH 11
Nguyen, Emily QuynHS Championship2292139424314/30/2019 AWSTWD 9
Han, CurranHS Championship2233137190526/30/2018 HBELLR 12
Xie, TianmingHS Championship2216139284013/31/2018 DSTMRK 9
Frenkel, BenjaminHS Championship2180140096584/30/2017 PVINES 10
Hullahalli, AdarshHS Championship21321521335810/31/2017 FINDEP 10
Nguyen, Duy MinhHS Championship2091139420549/30/2017 RRRRHS 12
Devagharan, DevinaHS Championship2053139175323/31/2017    
Nguyen, Khoa MinhHS Championship2020139420609/30/2017 RRRRHS 10
Sonawane, AtharvHS Championship1988149326407/31/2018 PESTSH 9
Krishnan, AadarshHS Championship1899136626667/31/2018 PJASPR 9
Lopez, LukeHS Championship18911450989812/31/2017 SAATNM 11
Wells, StephenHS Championship18001545379110/31/2017 HAWTYI 10
Wong, YianHS Championship1776154608866/30/2017 HAWTYI 10
Means, AndrewHS Championship1775141167786/30/2018 MHOME 12
Graber, ZacharyHS Championship1732143615876/30/2017 FWINTLDR 11
Thomas, Reuben JHS Championship17251487656811/30/2017 KLEINHS 11
Brown, SarahHS Championship17181373700111/30/2017 HESCVL 12
Chen, ZeHS Championship16941431226311/30/2017 HBELLR 10
Huerta, JonathanHS Championship1689140860761/31/2018 BHANNA 10
Mead, AustinHS Championship1670143201951/31/2018 HPHS 12
Han, PatrickHS Championship1669137502152/28/2018 HBELLR 10
Wood, NoahHS Championship1654148300062/28/2017 ALAMAR 9
Guel, Daniel JHS Championship1602157019033/31/2017 GLHOME 10
Lazo, AaronHS Championship15741509962310/31/20171 HFURR 12
Marrapu, DhanviHS Championship15621528160411/30/20181 AWSTWD 9
Hayward, BenjaminHS Championship14611447247510/31/2018 FWTRVL 10
Loyd, CameronHS Championship1435158962812/28/2018 KLEINHS 12
Yao, JasonHS Championship14181455487411/30/2017 HAWTYI 11
Yenne, AlexHS Championship1321157616905/31/2017 FWTRVS 9
Garcia II, CarlosHS Championship1320140426312/28/2018 EDNBNR 9
Plew, Bethany AnneHS Championship1320160713426/30/2017 PHOME 12
Foster, PhillipHS Championship1317157034403/31/2017 WHOME 12
Williams, JacobHS Championship13121578280510/31/20175 AMARTIN 9
Berg, JacobHS Championship12881548823210/31/2017 HAWTYI 10
Wallace Jr, MatthewHS Championship1196155221202/28/2018 WLHOME 12
Wolkiewiez, EliasHS Championship118115851088*11/30/2016 HAWTYIuscf expired11
Mendoza, JoseHS Championship1137161035819/30/2017 HAWTYI 9
Nickerson, AdrianHS Championship1103156334422/28/2017 HKIPSSuscf expired9
Pipkin, IsaiahHS Championship1099152679529/30/2017 HCHAVZ 9
Sood, ArmaanHS Championship1038147383984/30/2018 MCIMAG 9
Cox, DonovanHS Championship998147164032/28/2018    
Healy, MatthewHS Championship991159363351/31/20181 HPHS 10
Li, JoeHS Championship950160408984/30/2017 HAWTYI 9
Marroquin, XavierHS Championship833155742301/31/20181 HFURR 12
Wang, Patrick LeeHS Championship833141316179/30/2017 FLRMND 9
Cruz, MelvinHS Championship6401615890411/30/2017 HAWTYI 9
Coronado, JesseHS Championshipunr162842552/28/2018 DGILLIAM 12
Enamorado, BryanHS Championshipunr162842342/28/2018 DGILLIAM 12
Washington, Da'RuisHS Championshipunr162859712/28/2018 DGILLIAM 12
Gudivada, SaisrinivasHS JV U1000973144260987/31/2017 PESTSH 9
Muhammad, KhariHS JV U1000806151554914/30/2017 HKIPSUN 10
De Leon, SebastianHS JV U1000760156801368/31/2017 EPCATH 9
Wallace, AshlynHS JV U1000642159406982/28/2018 WLHOME 10
Baca, ImanuelHS JV U1000631160294284/30/2017 AGARZA 12
Guel, E NathanHS JV U1000598157019183/31/2017 GLHOME 10
Hanna, WilliamHS JV U1000517161041179/30/2017 AGARZA 11
Vu, JonathanHS JV U1000429162419381/31/2018 KLEINHS 11
Tankus, NikkiHS JV U1000394158962962/28/20185   9
Chupco, GabrielHS JV U1000352161041239/30/2017 AGARZA 11
Villarreal, DimitriHS JV U10002011616679511/30/2017 AGARZA 11
Colbert, ChristianHS JV U1000unr162842132/28/2018 DGILLIAM 10
Dao, HungHS JV U1000unr   WFNDH 10
Gilstrap, CameronHS JV U1000unr162842282/28/2018 DGILLIAM 12
Liang, TengyunHS JV U1000unr162481361/31/2018 HPHS 9
Moton, PhillipHS JV U1000unr162842402/28/2018 DGILLIAM 12
Zecha, CharlieHS JV U1000unr   WFNDH 9
Wang, JustinMS Championship2296149309047/31/2017 KBCKDF 6
Kung, ThomasMS Championship21761458307510/31/2017 PRENER 8
Hung, DanielMS Championship2151145044251/31/2018 HTHROG 6
Buergler, JacobMS Championship2056138078881/31/2018 HSTMRK 8
Tsuei, KaiMS Championship1985145900931/31/2018 UPHIPK 8
Nguyen, AnhMS Championship1948139420819/30/2017 RRWLSH 6
Mao, Andrew Sun-RoMS Championship1929142904407/31/2017 LWLSPR 8
Nguyen, Dang MinhMS Championship1897139420759/30/2017 RRWLSH 8
Romo, BenjaminMS Championship18941471424011/30/2017 RMHOME 7
Ganesh, AnirudhMS Championship18811448078412/31/2017 COPLME 8
Balderas Jr, AdolfoMS Championship18701448046011/30/2017 SBRSCHL 7
Ramesh, SreenevashMS Championship1816151218262/28/2018 SABASN 7
Archer, DanielMS Championship1776148288864/30/2017 CCOVNT 8
Gupta, SomMS Championship1767149558156/30/2017 FVNDVT 8
Cheng, AngelaMS Championship1752147492524/30/2017 UPHIPK 8
Pullabhotla Jr, VenkataMS Championship1752154721947/31/2017 SABASMD 6
Yellamraju, AmbicaMS Championship1737151050362/28/2018 ACNVST 6
Naidoo, KylanMS Championship1693140277863/31/2017 HBYCMA 8
Alexis, FrewinMS Championship1656153484631/31/2018 SABASMD 6
Gurung, KrishnaMS Championship16281553133711/30/2018 SABASMD 6
Yellamraju, AparnaMS Championship1604151050422/28/2018 ACNVST 6
Mahin, RayanMS Championship15781499466712/31/2017 PRICEM 7
Akella, NitinMS Championship1505150048043/31/2017 ACNVST 6
John, AustinMS Championship1488155061209/30/20171 RRWLSH 7
Lai, Evan XingMS Championship14131480573112/31/2018 ACNVST 6
Macartney-Filgate, PatrickMS Championship1374149019826/30/2017 ACNVST 7
Avila, RafaelMS Championship1359154215683/31/2017 HHRPTWN 7
Venkatesh, PranavMS Championship13451412886111/30/2017 RRWLSH 8
Gonzalez, Luis EMS Championship1339140861713/31/2017 SBRSCHL 7
Kushwaha, SoumilMS Championship1317149742931/31/20191 RRCACT 6
Perera, DimanthiMS Championship1314154726819/30/2017 HBYCMA 8
Garcia, EmilyMS Championship12981427353511/30/2017 EGARZA 7
Champagne, JasonMS Championship1280159750412/28/2018 BDLSTR 8
George, IsaacMS Championship1245151620006/30/20181 7 ALKTRAV 6
Sudarshan, AnirudhMS Championship1235153498701/31/2018 SABASMD 6
Boren, IsabelMS Championship1231157559638/31/2017 PYORKTN 8
Reistle, JaneMS Championship1216154440336/30/2017 FWSTBR 7
Pirani, ZishanMS Championship1211157400485/31/2017 HMEMRM 6
Ayala, Christian JMS Championship1199157445235/31/2018 HMCREYM 8
McLeod, TimothyMS Championship1185157648839/30/2017 CCOVNT 8
Mejia, StevenMS Championship1166157074913/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Wu, AlisonMS Championship11531551356610/31/2018 SALOPEZ 6
Cuellar, PedroMS Championship1149159905973/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Pillai, RithinMS Championship11431557176812/31/2017 SABASMD 6
Perera, NaymethaMS Championship1117153029804/30/2017 HTHROG 6
Horvath, RobertMS Championship1112151976452/28/2019 WFBRWS 8
Fraire, SebastianMS Championship1107159906923/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Escobar, PedroMS Championship1102157075113/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Carmona, ChrisMS Championship1071157075683/31/2017 EPHEND 8
George, Da'LonMS Championship1070154450909/30/2017 HKIPSP 8
Caballero, BrandonMS Championship1062157075533/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Osoinach, AllenMS Championship1032144629651/31/20182 FBWWOD 7
Retana, EduardoMS Championship1016157075053/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Pirani, ZanirMS Championship998157400335/31/2017 HMEMRM 6
Jones, Braxton AMS Championship990154465329/30/2017 HKIPSP 8
Zevallos, PhillipMS Championship980155142242/28/2018 SABERN 6
Krishnan, AashikaMS Championship969143843612/28/2018 PRICEM 7
Gonzalez, LeoMS Championship962157075323/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Boonpluengnai, NarawitMS Championship954148912982/28/2018 DDEALY 6
Butre, CelianMS Championship921161025669/30/2017 HAWTYI 7
Almeida, DereckMS Championship917159906023/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Cunningham, CarterMS Championship897159004661/31/2018 HAWTYI 6
Kapadia, ShlokMS Championship8911485691511/30/2017 FMSHRDG 7
Rodriguez, ReneMS Championship889157254072/28/2017 EPHEND 8
Sholokhov, TimurMS Championship8071614018010/31/2017 HAWTYI 6
Tejada, MannyMS Championship803157074853/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Nibber, SumairMS Championship747160995569/30/2017 HAWTYI 7
Blanco, JulianMS Championship7361613464610/31/2017 HAWTYI 6
Alonzo, Jose CMS Championship722157438862/28/2018 DDEALY 6
Binoj, GaayathriMS Championship7211616272311/30/2017 PNRYAN 6
Liu, NathanMS Championship57314992593*11/30/20154 HIPARK 7
Pinkert, JackMS Championship423159745822/28/2018 HAWTYI 6
Dave, DevanMS JV U900897148525081/31/2018 FWTRVL 6
Ramirez, DavidMS JV U900880159906383/31/2017 EPHEND 8
Bhaloo, AdamMS JV U9008761523439710/31/2017 FWTRVL 6
Nerio, JoseMS JV U900862157244889/30/2017 HKIPSP 8
Sivakumar, AbhinavMS JV U900850149952002/28/2017 FWSTRM 7
De La Cruz, ArianaMS JV U900848159905073/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Foster, AnthonyMS JV U900834159595433/31/2017 WHOME 7
Ramirez, JuanMS JV U900820159906653/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Sriram, HrithikeshMS JV U900807160580755/31/2017 FVNDVT 7
Ramirez, SaulMS JV U900804151504043/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Guel, Abigail MMS JV U900769157019243/31/2017 GLHOME 7
Cox, BrennanMS JV U900756160326784/30/2018 FWCNDY 6
Lane, EthanMS JV U900728159777812/28/2017 WFBRWS 8
Ross, DwightMS JV U9007261541390311/30/2017 HKIPSP 8
Nors, SamMS JV U900719160867018/31/2017 BENBMHS 6
Yang, WilliamMS JV U900686157774131/31/2018 KELLRM 8
Spates, DariusMS JV U90064115724520*4/30/2016 HKIPSP 7
Pichardo, ZahiraMS JV U900639159906233/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Medina, LuzMS JV U900637159906443/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Palomino, Carlos EMS JV U900617159557812/28/2017 EPHEND 7
Saravanan, VarunMS JV U900609158102451/31/2018 FVNDVT 6
Garcia, Kevin OMS JV U900514154635773/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Martinez, AileenMS JV U900473159907123/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Argandona, AimeMS JV U900465159905283/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Macias, PaolaMS JV U900379159907543/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Bomer, NicholasMS JV U900unr162707262/28/2018 WFBRWS 7
Bristo, BennettMS JV U900unr162721572/28/2018 WFBRWS 7
Erua, TobyMS JV U900unr162702402/28/2018 WFBRWS 8
Flores, JtMS JV U900unr162702612/28/2018 WFBRWS 8
Lee, StevenMS JV U900unr162721632/28/2018 WFBRWS 7
Nevonen, Matthew JMS JV U900unr160681826/30/2018 WFBRWS 7
Presson, WilliamMS JV U900unr162702822/28/2018 WFBRWS 7
Troester, AlexMS JV U900unr162702342/28/2018 WFBRWS 7
Rogers, JaslynnMS Novice U600599155493944/30/2017 HKIPSP 8
Zevallos, IsabellaMS Novice U600594158147772/28/2018 SABERN 7
Melasky, MarshallMS Novice U600581160197943/31/2017 MLHOME 6
Blake, R CadenMS Novice U600576149417746/30/2017 ASHACK 8
Araujo, CarlosMS Novice U600572159906173/31/2017 EPHEND 7
Cuevas, HectorMS Novice U600548159761542/28/2017 HKIPSP 8
Gallow, Roynal LMS Novice U600502156334902/28/2017 HKIPSP 8
Muhammad, TahirMS Novice U600500151555052/28/2017 HKIPSP 7
Laskin, SarahMS Novice U6004081617214411/30/2017 HAWTYI 8
Basepogu, SarahMS Novice U6004031617405211/30/2017 MCIMAG 6
Tankus, RainaMS Novice U600397158963162/28/20185 LKHSTNK 8
Scheid, Michael LMS Novice U600395159458461/31/2018 SCHOME 6
Ramprakash, AdhithiMS Novice U6003141619128111/30/2017 FVNDVT 7
Basepogu, SharonMS Novice U600279161091569/30/2017 MCIMAG 7
Earles, DawnMS Novice U600242151737227/31/2017 PRVOAKB 6
Rao, DamienMS Novice U60022815859792*11/30/2016 RHOMEuscf expired 
Aguirre, DevonteMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Aliwarga, JonathanMS Novice U600unr161028339/30/2017 ACLASS 6
Bullinger, TraceMS Novice U600unr   WFNDM 6
Campolia, OscarMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Denman, Micah TownsendMS Novice U600unr   HKIPSP 6
Enriquez, RoxxaneMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Fernandez, XavierMS Novice U600unr   HSTAUG 7
Gilstrap, TimothyMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 8
Gutierrez, MichaelMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Ibarra, AndresMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 7
Jimenez, Jose LuisMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 7
Mendoza, IssacMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Muhammad, AyahMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 7
Muhammad, HakimMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 7
Muhammad, KarimMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 8
Murphy, DavidMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 8
Nailling, RobertMS Novice U600unr162751842/28/2018 HHUNGRV 7
Naples, JonathanMS Novice U600unr   TTXMS 8
Perry, MarshallMS Novice U600unr   HKINKD 6
Pichardo, XavierMS Novice U600unr1522790710/31/2018 LCITYINT 8
Ramos, NathanMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Richards, HaydenMS Novice U600unr   WFNDM 6
Rodgers Muhammab, IsmailMS Novice U600unr   MCELVPL 8
Rogers, TyroneMS Novice U600unr   HKIPSP 6
Ruiz, AlessandraMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Sterling, JaceMS Novice U600unr   WFNDM 6
Valadez, AngelicaMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Vega, AilaniMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6
Watson, ChristopherMS Novice U600unr   HKIPSP 8
Watson, ShaneMS Novice U600unr   HKIPSP 6
Weyher, BraydenMS Novice U600unr   WFNDM 6
Woods, Amiyah AliceMS Novice U600unr   HKIPSP 6
Gundam, RohitElementary Championships1877149083731/31/2019 ALAURL 5
Ahmed, KabirElementary Championships17461518969310/31/2018 LCASTL 4
Jang, EricElementary Championships1650150041877/31/2018 AEVANS 6
Welsh, VinhElementary Championships1598154868058/31/2018 CTRIVUM 4
Pham, Minh TheElementary Championships1595150821002/28/2017 ARUTDG 5
Hwang, WilliamElementary Championships1581150712731/31/2018 AENGLD 5
Pham, Vinh TheElementary Championships1530150820952/28/2017 ARUTDG 4
Ghuman, AnantElementary Championships1496150647151/31/2018 PBORCH 5
Lu, HubertElementary Championships1473149356349/30/2018 HTHROG 5
Podder, RonitElementary Championships1460151872628/31/2017 FMLIBT 4
Lee, AustinElementary Championships1439157058383/31/2018 DALCUN 5
Aung, ChristopherElementary Championships14151505285812/31/2017 ALAURL 5
Zou, EricElementary Championships1394151843457/31/2017 SABASN 5
Naidu, SuchitraElementary Championships1356150426471/31/2019 CUNVSL 5
Singh, Aarush VikramElementary Championships1353153207455/31/2017 CUNVSL 4
Jang, RichardElementary Championships12501518670710/31/2017 AEVANS 4
Santosh, AkshayElementary Championships1250153501061/31/2019 FCOMSTK 5
Yoganand, VishanthElementary Championships12231471327311/30/2018 KMJENKS 5
Poddar, DarshElementary Championships1142157705837/31/2017 PRIDDLE 4
Downs, WaltonElementary Championships1111159553622/28/2018 WLKAIR 5
Dash, IshanElementary Championships1104157181074/30/2018 DALCUN 4
Schaefer, LoganElementary Championships1104150684903/31/2018 AVERITAS 4
Bermea, EdgarElementary Championships1099152531831/31/2018 SARLNG 5
Kaniyar, SushruthElementary Championships1072147090084/30/2017 FMBLUE 5
Ghatti, SaisnehaElementary Championships1065152451561/31/2018 FNORRIS 5
Venkatasubramian, ShravanElementary Championships1056159454542/28/20171 FSEMELuscf expired4
Quitta, AustinElementary Championships10511552204610/31/2018 SARLNG 5
Abrams, GreysonElementary Championships1032160563185/31/2018 ABHOME 4
Athila, AkshayaElementary Championships961159142042/28/20181 FCURTSN 5
Sinks, JoaquinElementary Championships942152122031/31/2018 SARLNG 4
Nalaneelan, SarvajithElementary Championships922160726066/30/2017 IFREMN 4
Galvez, JulianElementary Championships906159595583/31/2017 WHOME 4
Dickson, SerenaElementary Championships885151811522/28/2018 CPOSER 5
Chan, IsaacElementary Championships879159654152/28/2019 DALCUN 5
Hinkle, RolandElementary Championships8151531308012/31/2017 SLLOGO 5
Ramesh, JaganaathElementary Championships811161188662/28/2018 SACGRN 2
Villanueva, NoahElementary Championships686153034271/31/2018 SARLNG 5
Andrews, SebastianElementary Championshipsunr162826202/28/20181   5
Fisher, CadenElementary Championshipsunr160944618/31/2017 DHIGHLD 5
Mukkollu, MohitElem JV U800784153481061/31/2019 ASOMMR 3
Figueroa, NicholasElem JV U8007801551024212/31/2018 SABCOLE 3
Venkatesh, AnirudhElem JV U8007661503632011/30/2017 RRCACT 4
Kakarla, AkhilElem JV U800764154967139/30/2017 ASOMMR 3
Nors, Ben MorrisElem JV U800761160866968/31/2017 BENBRKE 5
Sriram, NikhilElem JV U800754160580817/31/2017 FCURTSN 2
Nakkala, SharviElem JV U800749155894953/31/2018 ASOMMR 3
Urias, AnthonyElem JV U800719154296754/30/2017 CPOSER 5
Ng, CarsonElem JV U8007091559631312/31/2017 FWTRVL 4
Bolden, ArieElem JV U800699153298341/31/2019 CPOSER 5
Babel, AmayElem JV U800697153100323/31/2017 CUNVSL 3
Kannan, Aadhi MElem JV U800697157326936/30/2019 SABBRD 3
Wade, PrestonElem JV U800691149725786/30/2018 WDHOME 4
Srinivasan, VedantElem JV U800690157806369/30/2018 HTHROG 3
Agnihotri, NaliniElem JV U800682157824349/30/2017 CMOCKE 5
Akella, SravyaElem JV U800676159711842/28/2018 ALAURL 3
Pullabhotla, LaasyaElem JV U800674157431851/31/2018 SARHOD 4
Kaniyar, ShravyaElem JV U800670147089954/30/2017 FMBLUE 5
Raman, SanjeevElem JV U800644155100701/31/2019 SABBRD 4
Osoinach, RebeccaElem JV U800628149455361/31/20182 CPOSER 4
Einkorn, AidynElem JV U800627159052011/31/2019 SARLNG 3
Chacko, BejoyElem JV U800610160553905/31/2017 HKINGPA 5
Sanil, GauthamElem JV U800600155514081/31/2018 ASOMMR 4
Brown, Nicholas AElem JV U8005941526746511/30/2017 TALSNT 4
Sudarshan, SrivatsElem JV U800533159142941/31/2018 SABBRD 2
Reddy, GohithElem JV U800532154250062/28/2018 SABASMD 5
Miller, Kaiden AElem JV U8005121520939410/31/2017 ARGYLIN 5
Payne, GarrettElem JV U800163156287872/28/2018 DGRACE 4
Agarwal, SakshamElem JV U800unr162479861/31/2019 FWTNGL 4
Huerta, AngelElem JV U800unr   DANFRK 5
Marin, KevinElem JV U800unr   DANFRK 5
Patiņo, JaimeElem JV U800unr   DANFRK 5
Rodriguez, AngelElem JV U800unr   DANFRK 3
Lahoti, AryamanElem Novice U500492160911258/31/2017 ILSCOL 3
Shafer, DrewElem Novice U500491160881018/31/2017 SHOME 5
Smith, Maxwell A RElem Novice U5004881534804411/30/20171 MCIMAG 4
Teoh, SeanElem Novice U500484160284889/30/2018 ASPICE 1
Elangovan, KavinElem Novice U500459160767047/31/2017 HROBRT 1
Johnson, IsaiahElem Novice U500458159997753/31/2017 HZOEACA 2
Livingston, BreyanElem Novice U500439159294062/28/2018 HSTPTA 4
Naharaajan, SahanaElem Novice U500406156407903/31/2018 PBORCH 4
He, WilliamElem Novice U5003961481845512/31/20173 6z   4
Jones, IvanElem Novice U5003921523456010/31/20171 FWALLST 3
Jerome, DetrevionElem Novice U500390161043859/30/2017 HZOEACA 5
Miller, Drighten TElem Novice U5003841520940810/31/2017 ARGYLIN 4
Lakshmanan, SuryaElem Novice U500381160133063/31/2017 FCURTSN 5
Sanchez, MiguelElem Novice U50036715828887*10/31/2016 FWKIRK 5
Ahuja, JeenaElem Novice U500362159824512/28/2018 DALCUN 4
Patterson, Ke'ChelleElem Novice U500342159997603/31/2017 HZOEACA 4
Guel, EvangelineElem Novice U500325159400023/31/2017 GLHOME 2
Ahuja, DiyaElem Novice U500302159824452/28/2018 DALCUN 5
Pautler, RebeccaElem Novice U5002941564813610/31/20171 5 CPOSER 4
Pautler, ElizabethElem Novice U500258154350454/30/20181 5 CPOSER 4
Allen, TraeshaunElem Novice U500199159997273/31/2017 HZOEACA 4
Nguyen, DonElem Novice U5001411612872610/31/2017 CPOSER 4
Mercer, InayaElem Novice U500140161043919/30/2017 HZOEACA 3
Chen, KellieElem Novice U5001211621233512/31/2017 HTHROG 2
Rao, HaydenElem Novice U500117158598062/28/2018 RHOME 5
Chen, EthanElem Novice U5001121617698511/30/2017 HTHROG K
Tagtmeier, GeorgeElem Novice U5001051616273811/30/20181 DALCUN 3
Campillo, DavidElem Novice U50010115640035*1/31/2016 FWKIRK 4
Castaneda, AngelElem Novice U500unr   FWKIRK 4
Chen, EllieElem Novice U500unr162659772/28/2018 HHORNE 4
Gupta, MrigankElem Novice U500unr162546951/31/2019 DBRENTFD 6
Hernandez, FabianElem Novice U500unr   FWKIRK 5
Hilliard, JoshuaElem Novice U500unr   WFNDE 5
Hong, HarmonElem Novice U500unr162576051/31/2018   K
Hong, SeanElem Novice U500unr162575911/31/20181   2
Iglesias, ElsaElem Novice U500unr   DANFRK 4
Jerome, JanaeElem Novice U500unr162373411/31/2018 HZOEACA 4
Lankford, DylanElem Novice U500unr   CRWLYI 5
Mayo, CharityElem Novice U500unr162929142/28/2018 HKINGPA 5
Mayo, ChirstenElem Novice U500unr162929202/28/2018 HKINGPA 4
Mohlstrom, RyanElem Novice U500unr162840982/28/2018 DDEALY 6
Nailling, RileyElem Novice U500unr162751902/28/2018 HHMTVIEW 4
Oborn, EmersonElem Novice U500unr   DDEALY 2
Phelps, SaniaElem Novice U500unr162373561/31/2018 HZOEACA 4
Sanchez, JoseElem Novice U500unr   DANFRK 4
Singh, SaphlaElem Novice U500unr162469081/31/2018 CPOSER 5
Stephens, JocelynElem Novice U500unr   AJHILLEneed uscf5
Thompson, Z'AniElem Novice U500unr162373351/31/2018 HZOEACA 3
Verma, AvniElem Novice U500unr162855942/28/20181 DDEALY 2
Walton, LillianElem Novice U500unr162929352/28/2018   5
Zecha, NoahElem Novice U500unr   WFNDE 5
Raghuraja, Sri AvishkarPrimary Championship1612153099359/30/2017 CUNVSL 3
Wang, Kalia YukePrimary Championship14531549544310/31/2017 ALAURL 3
Laddha, Shubh JayePrimary Championship1391156088469/30/2017 AENGLD 3
Perera, NethulPrimary Championship13731526197312/31/2017 HTHROG 3
Laddha, Yash JayesPrimary Championship1319156088319/30/2017 AENGLD 3
Wang, KellenPrimary Championship13091548973711/30/2017 HWLCHST 2
Wu, EthanPrimary Championship13051551355110/31/2018 SAHROAK 3
Shetty, DakshPrimary Championship1194155186889/30/2017 CPINKER 2
Bansal, RohanPrimary Championship1150157549486/30/2017 FASHLY 3
Elangovan, RamyaPrimary Championship1130160766907/31/2017 HROBRT 3
Naphad, AadiPrimary Championship11181581123310/31/2017 HTHROG 2
Tanniru, AbhinavPrimary Championship11011549473710/31/2019 RRCACT 3
Alam, ZaeemPrimary Championship1097160019423/31/2017 AHRMPS 3
Gonzalez, Gael NPrimary Championship10511496578611/30/2017 BHUDSN 3
Agnihotri, AbhinavPrimary Championship1024157823669/30/2017 CMOCKE 2
Hwang, AlexisPrimary Championship1016153266411/31/2018 AENGLD 3
Mazumdar, ShauryaPrimary Championship968159305613/31/20181 ABOLIN 2
Shafer, LoganPrimary Championship960160199663/31/2018 SHOME 2
Nair, PallaviPrimary Championship93415358020*1/31/20171 MCIMAGuscf expired3
Ravichandar, SanjeevPrimary Championship929156389983/31/2017 CMOCKE 2
Herrera, Jose MPrimary Championship8321564005610/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Bao, EdwardPrimary Championship821153514511/31/2019 SAVNRN 3
Smith, SpencerPrimary Championship809157404255/31/2017 DALCUN 3
Anaya, SebastianPrimary Championship7691614090110/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Miramontes, EddiePrimary Championship7051614088110/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Nair, AjiteshPrimary Championship626159305553/31/2017 LEMILLER 2
Escareno, MarioPrimary Championship6011614087510/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Nikam, ShantanuPrimary Championship599158858451/31/2018 HTHROG 2
Motta, RichardPrimary Championship5741614091610/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Hernandez, ErickPrimary Championship5241614086010/31/2017 FWKIRK 3
Reddy, SrimaanPrimary Championship127160312354/30/2017 SOUNION 3
Chavez, ElvaPrimary Championshipunr   FWKIRK 3
Herrera, AnisaPrimary Championshipunr   DDEALY 3
Mandra, Anika Aprimary jv u600592159406081/31/2018 AENGLD 3
Chwa, Matthewprimary jv u600511157183124/30/2017 LFOUND 2
Vetsa, Avanish Ramprimary jv u600408157829579/30/2017 ALAURL 1
Basepogu, Rachelprimary jv u6003111617406711/30/2017 MCIMAG 3
Cowan, Cyanneprimary jv u6002941620777512/31/2017 MWBRWN 2
Jagadeeshi, Suprasadaprimary jv u6001961520850012/31/2017 CMCCOY 3
Reddy, Aadityaprimary jv u600135160312984/30/2017 SWLNTGR 2
Charles, Antonioprimary jv u600116159778582/28/2017 CPOSERuscf expired3
Wade, Kenstonprimary jv u6001111582973810/31/2018 WDHOME 1
Sharan, Nehaprimary jv u600105162440021/31/2018 PWELLS 2
Bolden, Colinprimary jv u600unr162629411/31/2018 CPOSER 1
Schaefer, Lukeprimary jv u600unr1615231310/31/2017 AVERITAS 1
Shah, Arnavprimary jv u600unr162821062/28/2018 CUNVSL 2
Poddar, Aaravk-1 championship9951579417610/31/2017 PRIDDLE 1
Burdman, Nicholask-1 championship884160534405/31/20181 FWCNDY 1
Li, Jacobk-1 championship871159348943/31/2018 ASPICE 1
Zhou, Brian Xingk-1 championship759160296274/30/2017 FASHLY 1
Anderson, Klymk-1 championship744157850849/30/2018 AHOME K
Raghuraja, Sri Yashvik-1 championship597157148119/30/2017 CUNVSL K
Pei, Lucask-1 championship56115921917*1/31/2017 RCNCRKuscf expired1
Chenna, Satvikk-1 championship504160297434/30/2017 SJOHNSN 1
Mukherjee, Rahulk-1 championship4961617154811/30/2017 ABOON 1
Munsayac, Calvink-1 championship3881615931611/30/2017 HTHROG K
Brown, Landon Ak-1 championship259157864169/30/2017 TALSNT 1
Nair, Aditik-1 championship233160847107/31/20171 MCIMAG K
Santosh, Dhruvk-1 championship198159177542/28/2018 FCOMSTK 1
Anthony, Taylork-1 championship1521616311411/30/2017 HTHROG K
Basepogu, Ruthk-1 championship1021617407311/30/2017 MCIMAG 1
Hosur, Sanmitak-1 championshipunr162491721/31/2018 ACNCRK 1
Nair, Sarveshk-1 championshipunr162920562/28/2018 FELDORM PK
Sanil, Greeshmak-1 championshipunr162337661/31/2018 ASOMMR 1