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 22nd Annual Texas Grade Championships

November 2 - 4 2018

6 Rounds Swiss System Chess Tournament (no elimination.)

(Side Events on Saturday November 3)

 Hilton Houston North

12400 Greenspoint Dr., Houston, TX 77060.

281-875-2222 or 866-577-1154

Mention NCTG for special Hotel rate: Hotel rate: $95/$95/$95/$95 includes 2 breakfast coupons.

Reserve By 0ct 12 or rate may not be honored. Chess Rate has been extended and still available.

Open to Texas Residents and/or Texas Schools.

Volunteer spots have been filled Link to see the list.

USCF rated. USCF membership is required.

TCA membership is also required (Tournament Membership embedded in entry fee).

13 separate tournaments, 1 per grade, kindergarten through 12th . Players must play in their grades. Playing up to a higher or down to a lower grade level is not permitted.

Trophies to top 10 individuals and top 5 teams in each section.

Top 3 players in the section is added for team scores. No more than two teams per school per grade may be entered. If entering more than one team per grade, the teams must be predefined and may be paired against each other.

Entry Fee is $35 if postmark by 10/14/18, $49 if postmark by 10/27, $63 afterward.

2 ways to register: 1.register using paypal

you don't have to have a paypal account but you do have to use a credit card if you do not have a paypal account

2. tournament flyer with mail in form

Mail entries/Make checks payable to:  Dallas Chess Club

C/O Barbara Swafford

2709 Longhorn Trail

Crowley TX 76036-4719

214.632.9000 Do not call after October 31 as we may be traveling.

Click to email for more info.


Do not mail after 10/29 as it may not be received.

Entries must include Name, USCF ID (or new/pending), grade and school. Incomplete entries will be charged at site entry fee of $63.

K-12th Grade Round Times

Onsite Registration Friday, November 2 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

If you pre-register, find your name on the advanced registration list, and everything is correct, you do not need to come to onsite registration. Instead plan to arrive in the hotel lobby between 7:20 - 7:30 pm.

One ½ pt bye available any round, if requested before end of round 2 and before any full point bye is awarded.


Round 1 2 3 4 5 6
Date Fri. 11/2 Sat. 11/3 Sat. 11/3 Sat. 11/3 Sun. 11/4 Sun. 11/4
Time 7:45 pm 10 am 1 pm 4 pm 10 am 1 pm
Time Control Round 1 K-5th Grades are Game 45 5 sec delay All rest are Game 60 with 5 sec delay

Onsite registration only:

Blitz K-12 Section, K-6 Section tournament Sat 7:00 pm.  EF: $15, Trophy prizes. 

Bughouse tournament Sat. 8:35pm. EF: $20/team. Trophy prizes.

The tournament will be run under the USCF Rules of Chess, 6th Edition

NS, NC, W, rule variation 11H1. More rules here.

Individual Tiebreaks:  Modified Median, Median, Solkoff, Sonneborn-Berger, Cumulative.

Team Tiebreaks:  Total individual medium, Total Solkoff, Total Sonnenborn-Berger, Total Cumulative.

Latest version of Swiss Sys will be used. Pairings created by this program are considered legal and may stand even if a pairing is not ideal. This is especially true if pairings have been posted. Current version is 9.69

Click for United States Chess Federation Introduction to Rated Tournaments.

Click for United States Chess Federation's How to keep score.


A State Championship Event!

Nov. 2-4, 2018   

22nd Annual North/Central Texas Grade Championships, Hilton Houston North,12400 Greenspoint Dr, Houston, TX 77060. HR: $95/$95/$95/$95, 281-875-2222 or 866-577-1154. Mention “NCTG” group code to get rate. Room comes with 2 breakfast coupons. Reserve by Oct 12 or rate may not be honored. Each grade is Open to TX residents or players attending Texas schools. Note a recent rule change passed where players cannot play in two separate closed scholastic state championships in different states. Players must play in their own grade. Note that small sections may be merged with another section. Also if sections are small you may have to play a teammate or play someone twice. One 1/2 pt bye available, any round, if requested before end of rd. 2 and if player has not received a full point bye or forfeit win. Team pairings may be turn off for later rounds. Trophies to top 10 ind. & top 5 teams (top three players added for team scores, no more than 2 teams per school in each grade.) EF: $35 if postmarked by 10/14/18, $49 if postmark by 10/27, $63 thereafter or on site. Do not mail after 10/29 as your entry may not be received on time. Grades 6-12: 6SS, G/60 d5. Schedule: Reg: Fri 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Rd. 1 Fri. 7:45 pm, Sat 10am-1:00pm-4pm, Sun. 10 am and 1:00 pm. Grades K-5: 6SS, Rds. 1 G/45 d5; Rds. 2-6 G/60 d5. Schedule: Reg: Fri 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Rd. 1 Fri. 7:45 pm, Sat 10am-1:00pm-4pm, Sun. 10 am and 1:00 pm. All: Entries to: Dallas Chess Club, c/o Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036. Entry must include Name, USCF ID (or new/pending), grade & school and school location. Incomplete entries will be charged at site entry fee. No refunds after 11/1. Email: 214-632-9000. Do not call after 10/31 as we are traveling. Online registration and team room information on website at Side events: Unrated Blitz open tournament on Saturday at 7 pm. EF: $15, Trophy prizes. Bughouse Open Tournament Sat. 8:35 pm. EF: $20/team. Trophy prizes. Registration for side events onsite only. W.NS