2019 Texas Scholastic Chess Championships

March 8 -10 2019

Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel




Players Teams
High School Champ 113 24
High School JV 59 11
Middle School Champ 170 28
Middle School JV 92 16
Middle School Novice 54 10
Elementary Champ 186 27
Elementary JV 125  24
Elementary Novice 84 15
Primary Champ 100 17
Primary J V 145 19
K-1 119 19
Total 1,247  











Thanks to all the players, parents and coaches for making this tournament an enjoyable event.

Congratulations to our John W. Griffin Memorial Chess Scholarship award winners sponsored by Belleville Capital Management.

WIM Emily Nguyen - High School Championship Winner ($1000)

Rohit Gundam - Middle School Championship Winner ($500)

Ryo Chen - Elementary Championship Winner ($100)

The certificate is to be used for secondary education at an accredited institution at some point in the future. We will redeem the certificate and pay directly to the institution.

Standings:            Primary Standings

                      Elementary Standings

                      Middle School JV and Novice Standings

                      Middle School Champ, High School Standings

Team Standings:       Primary Team Standings

                      Elementary Team Standings

                      Middle School JV and Novice Team Standings

                      Middle School Champ, High School Team Standings

Grand Champion Team Standings:



                     Middle School

                     High School


Blitz Standings    Bughouse Standings