Advance Registrations. dallas junior open (12 players) - 12/7/2018 9:58 AM

NameSectionRtngIDUSCF exp.Byes rdsEMail
Dhanekula, RithulChampionship (20 yrs and under)1606153578701/31/2020  
Wei, ColinChampionship (20 yrs and under)1164166145802/28/2019  
Kotaru, AdityaCadet (14 yrs and under)12821545345512/31/2020  
Liu, Eric ChangYouth (10 yrs and under)1461166506663/31/2019  
Sunil, ArushYouth (10 yrs and under)1206164274388/31/2020  
Zhang, Kevin HeYouth (10 yrs and under)1165155235152/28/2019  
He, Justin ShandongYouth (10 yrs and under)10541646479210/31/2019  
Vopni, Cade WalterYouth (10 yrs and under)916166319122/29/2020  
Pan, ChrisYouth (10 yrs and under)836163844315/31/2019  
Wang, TristanYouth (10 yrs and under)672164115908/31/2019  
Adapa, AdityaYouth (10 yrs and under)1881646092812/31/2019  
Thakkar, NamishYouth (10 yrs and under)103167017684/30/2019