- ALL weekly events a USCF MEMBERSHIP is REQUIRED.
- 65% of the entry fees will be returned as prizes.
- There is a $10 fee when registering if you are NOT a DCC Member AND live in DFW area. (Membership not required if you live outside DFW area)

Friday Night Swiss

Time Control: G/30, 4 Round Swiss
You may have a bye if requested before the end of round 2
Phone registrations less than 15 minutes away from pairing time may be given a 1/2 point bye
Registering after 6:45pm may result in a 1/2 point first round bye
Do NOT PHONE to register for Intermediate from 6:20-6:35pm

Championship Section (Rating > 1200)
Registration is 5:50pm-6:15pm
Entry Fee: $20
Jr/Sr/Hcap Entry Fee: $15
Round 1 Pairings at 6:30pm

Intermediate Section (Rating < 1400)
Registration is 6:20pm - 6:45pm
Entry Fee: $20
Jr/Sr/Hcap Entry Fee: $15
Round 1 Pairings at 7:00pm ​

Novice Section (Rating < 750)
Registration is 5:50pm - 6:15pm
Entry Fee: $10
Jr/Sr/Hcap Entry Fee: $5
Rd 1 pairings at 6:30pm

DCC Saturdays

When not running a two day tournament event, we have DCC Saturdays, details below.
​ Time Control: G/25 with 5 second increment, 4 Round Swiss
​ Registration 5:15-5:45pm
Round 1 is at 6:00pm, following rounds start ASAP
Entry Fee: $15
Jr/Sr/Hcap Entry Fee: $10

DCC 2 for Wednesday


2 Rounds G/45; 6 sec increment.
Registration 5:50 pm - 6:15 pm. Round 1 pairings at 6:30 pm
EF: $20 ($10 non dcc membership fee if applicable)
This may be a two round Swiss or a one round Double Swiss