Dallas Area Chess-in-Schools (DACIS)

Spring Tournament Participation Policy

Effective May 2002


In order for an elementary school to participate in the annual Dallas Area Chess-in-Schools Spring Tournament, and in order for a sixth grader from that school to be eligible to win the full 4-year scholarship awarded by the University of Texas at Dallas, the following requirements must be met:


  1. The elementary school must be a member of the Dallas Independent School District.
  2. The elementary school must have a faculty representative who performs the following functions:


    1. Serves as a liaison between the school and DACIS, arranging for class time during the school day for chess instruction by a DACIS instructor;
    2. Makes sure a faculty representative is present in the classroom at all times during chess instruction and activities;
    3. Makes sure the students and chess equipment are ready when the DACIS instructor arrives;
    4. Attends the annual DACIS Orientation for DACIS Schools held each August;
    5. Accompanies students to chess tournaments sponsored by DACIS.


  1. The elementary school must have an approved DACIS Instructor, provided by DACIS, who teaches chess to the students during the school day.