What is the purpose of DACIS?

A: 1. To use the game of chess as a tool to improve the scholastic performance and social skills of Dallas area school children. Our primary focus is on academically at-risk students attending Dallas Public Schools.

2. Secondarily, we share our expertise with and cooperate with the larger community of volunteers focused on using chess to help our youth.

How can I get a chess instructor for my school?

A: DACIS provides instructors for those schools who are accepted into our program, demonstrate a faculty and parental commitment to building a successful chess program, and are deemed as financially needy. Unfortunately the demand for qualified chess instructors currently outstrips the supply. Some schools also secure funds from sponsors and/or parents to directly hire chess tutors.

How do we go about setting up a chess club in our school?

A: Obtain a commitment of support from the school principal. Assign a administrator to oversee the program, and teachers or faculty members to run the program on a day to day basis. Attend the annual DACIS sponsored training session for program organizers. Obtained qualified chess instructors -- note that their ability to work well with kids, and commit to a regular teaching schedule, is more important than advanced chess skills. Finally, schedule the chess classes to be conducted during the normal school day curriculum, not after-school. An after-school chess club is a excellent complement to your main program.

Can we have the chess instruction before or after school?

A: See above - Your main program should be conducted during the normal school day, so that everyone (students, faculty & parents) understand that chess is a serious instructional tool.

Can you provide us with free chess boards and sets?

A: DACIS will accept requests for free chess equipment from any Dallas Public School. Decisions will be based on the schoolís demonstrated commitment to building a chess program, how effectively previous grants of equipment have been used and taken care of, and financial need of the school. DACIS has limited funds for grants of equipment.

Does a teacher have to be in the classroom during the instruction?

A: Yes. The school is ALWAYS responsible for monitoring the behavior of the students and for maintaining disciple in the classroom, or at other DACIS events. Adequate faculty and parental supervision should always be present.

Why do other DISD schools have DACIS instructors and we canít get one?

A: See answer #2. DACIS has limited teaching resources and attempts to allocate instructors to those schools that demonstrate the best combination of commitment and need.

Why are only DISD schools allowed in your tournaments? Isnít your organization called Dallas "Area" Chess in the Schools?

A: Currently our limited direct resources are focused on the Dallas Public Schools, because that is where we see the greatest need. As described in answer #1, however, we also cooperate with the larger community of those focused on youth chess in the metroplex..