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Sixth-grade chess winner snags UT-Dallas college scholarship Dallas Morning New article on Chris Martin who won a full scholarship in a DACIS tournament.

Chess on the Rise  NPR's Wendy Kaufman reports on the rise of chess among young students. (You will need the Real Audio player to hear it.)

Chess Group Wants Kids To Check It Out Dallas Morning News article about the Dallas Area Chess In Schools program. 11/17/99

A Look At Chess In The Public Schools Article on various chess-in schools programs across the US. 1-3-00

Chess Research Bibliography lists articles on research pertaining to the beneficial effects of chess on school performance. One copy of each article can be ordered from the USCF for free.

The Dallas Chess Club runs many scholastic tournaments and many DACIS board members are active in the club. In addition to games, news, and tournament results, the site carries a calendar of club events and hosts the Texas Region 3 page--both of which have details on scholastic events and lessons aimed at scholastics. Also, be sure to check out the scholastics page--Ultracool K-12!

Chess In The Schools (New York) The original chess-in-the-schools program.