Dallas Chess Club Friday Night Tournament

This will allow you to register a player for the tournament. 

Fill in the information below and click Add to Cart to pay using paypal (includes fee). The information will be sent to the club fridaynightchess@gmail.com

Registrations less than 15 minutes from the pairing time may be given a 1/2 point bye

Byes. One 1/2 point bye allowed if requested before the end of round 2.
Players must be USCF members or join at the tournament. If you are not a member, write New for USCF Id.
If your membership has expired you must renew for the tournament. you can do this at the club or online at www.uschess.org
Jr - Junior means under age 19. Sr - Senior means over age 65. Hcap means handicapped.

If you register for the tournament and then cannot attend please send an email to fridaynightchess@gmail.com  or call club at 972-231-2065 30 minutes before the tournament
House players must register at the tournament

Championship Section ratings above 1199 Round 1 pairings at 6:30
Intermediate Section ratings below 1400 Round 1 pairings at 7:00
Novice Section ratings below 750 Round 1 pairings at 6:30
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