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2021 DCC FIDE Open I


Jan 16-17 2021

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Byes. One 1/2 point bye allowed if requested before the end of round 2 and before any full point bye is awarded.

Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, 5410 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, Texas - Lakeview Meeting Room - Lobby Level


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Covid-19 Precautions will be observed

Some of the steps we are taking:
  • One game per table.
  • Sanitization equipment for boards and pieces will be available.
  • All participants and staff will wear masks.
  • One-way aisles will be designated where appropriate.
  • Limits on Spectators.
  • We are exploring no-touch methods for customer service, distributing pairings, collecting results, and posting results.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be plentiful.

2021 DCC FIDE Open I

Jan, 16-17   2021 DCC FIDE Open I

US Chess Grand Prix Points: 20 (Enhanced). US Chess Junior Grand Prix

Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, 5410 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, TX 75240.

Open: This section is FIDE rated and uses FIDE rules. The tournament will use USCF ratings for pairings and prize purposes. Foreign players must disclose their FIDE ID number before 1st round in order to play in Open section. $$ $500-$250-$125. Class prizes if any, depend on entries. EF: $90, by 1/11 else $100. Senior (over 60) / Birthday during tournament/Additional Family Member in Open section/Reentry from Amateur section $55 by 1/11 else $65. Reentry from Open section to Open section is not allowed.

Reserve: Open to players rated Under 1800. EF: $60, by 1/11 else $70. Senior (over 60) / Birthday during tournament / Additional Family Member in Reserve section / Reentry $40 by 1/11 else $45. Reentry is allowed from Open if player is qualified to play in Reserve. Prizes are 25% of Reserve entry fees. TD’s discretion in allotting the 25% among classes.  Tournament reserves the right to use FIDE rules on electronic devices and on starting White’s clock at start of a round. Clocks will be set to ‘halt at end’.

Both Open and Reserve: 5SS, G/90; 30 second increment. Rds. Sat 1/16: 10:30 am, 2:45 pm, 7:16 pm, Sun: 9:30 am - 2:16 pm. Default late forfeiture time is one hour. TD may extend this time at TD’s discretion. One 1/2 point bye available if requested before end of round 2 and before receiving full point bye, Note that unless TD rules otherwise on a case by case basis, withdrawals and last round byes are not eligible for prizes. Registration should be done online at

HR: $99, 800-445-8667 reserve by 12/25 and ask for DCC rate code. Parking for overnight registered hotel guests $18 per day. Please ask front desk where one can park for free during weekend. Entries/questions: Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036. Info: Barb Swafford, 214-632-9000, Add $5 for CC phone entries; pre-reg. requires pre-payment. After 1/14 all registration and changes online only; all changes including withdrawals, $10 after 1/14.  Note that the number of players is limited and will be registered on a first come first serve basis. Please check website to ensure your entry was received. Register early.