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2019 Texas Scholastic Chess Championships

March 8 - 10 2019

 Houston Marriott Westchase

2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston Texas, 77042. $99,$99,$99,$99 rate includes American Breakfast Buffet, Call 1-800-452-5110 to make reservations mention group code Dallas Chess  or register online thru link:

Book your group rate for Dallas Chess Club

Reserve by 2/27/2019 or rate may not be honored.

or reserve at with group code DCCDCCA for Queen Bed or DCCDCCF for King Bed

Houston Marriott Westchase is sold out for Saturday night.

Overflow hotel: Courtyard Houston Westchase

7 round Swiss System (No Elimination)

Entry Fee is $44 by 2/4; $55 by 2/28; $73 after 3/1 or on site.

Booklet - each player will receive a booklet at their board Round 1 - notation sheets and rules included

Map to find what is where (scroll down)

Grand Pavilion Playing Hall - MS JV U900, MS Novice U600 Playing Hall, Elementary Championship, Elementary JV U800, Elementary Novice U500, Primary Championship, Primary JV U600 and k-1 Championship Playing Hall

Grand Ballroom Playing Hall - HS Championship, HS JV U1000, MS Championship

Side Events

Blitz - Saturday Night 7 pm

Registration Sat 12 noon - 6:45 pm Two Sections: K-6 and K-12

Bughouse - Saturday Night 8:30 pm

Registration Sat 12 noon - 8:15 pm Two Sections: K-6 and K-12

register at the registration center for Blitz and Bughouse - Saturday starting at Noon

TCA - Texas Chess Association meeting Saturday 8 pm Private Dining Room


Submitting team entries on a spreadsheet is encouraged.

For Individual Players, go to individual tournaments shown below to find online registration or mail in registration form:

    High School    Middle School    Elementary    Primary


Order your official tournament t-shirt in advance and pick it up at the tournament after 7 p.m. on Friday, 8 March 2019.  Orders can be placed online at




Some rules and hints about which section to play.

Player must reside in Texas or go to a school in Texas.
6th grade players in Elementary Schools must play in Elementary sections.
6th grade players in Middle School Schools must play in Middle School sections.
9th grade players in High School Schools must play in High School sections.
9th grade players in Middle School may play in Middle School sections or
in High School sections and can play on the H S team that the junior high
school feeds into 10th grade.
*Private school and Home school 6th graders must play in middles school sections.
Private School and Home school 9th graders must play in high school sections.
* TCA has ruled that K-6 private schools may have their 6th graders play with
the rest of their team in the Elementary sections.

The following are some rules of thumbs (these are meant as guides and are not comprehensive and binding to all possible cases.)

6th grade players that are home schooled must play in Middle School. No exceptions have been given.

9th grade players that are home schooled must play in High School. Again, no exceptions have been given.

6th grade players that are in private school must play in Middle School unless the private school is k-6. (If a school has a 5th grade and no 7th grade, then the player should play in elementary. If a school has a 7th grade, then the 6th grader should play in middle school. A 5th-7th school should play in middle school.)

An exception for private school 9th graders that are in a k-9 school has not yet been rendered by the Texas Chess Association; therefore, these 9th graders must play in the High School Section. The TCA Scholastic Committee, (Victor Flores is the Chairperson,) can make an exception for very rare cases not covered by earlier rulings.  Most cases have been discussed and ruled upon already.

What section does a public school 6th grader play? Well if the player is in an elementary school the player plays in one of the Elementary sections. If the player is in middle school, the player plays in middle school. (In general, if a school has a 5th grade and no 7th grade, then the player should play in elementary. If a school has a 7th grade, then the 6th grader should play in middle school. A 5th-7th school should play in middle school.)

Some of these are confusing. Just what is the Texas Chess Association trying to do?  They have two goals. The first is that kids play in their sections. TCA wants the High School winner to be in High School, The Middle School winner be in Middle School, etc. etc. The second is that TCA realizes that it would be unfair in general to isolate a grade. For example, it would be unfair to a k-6 school to have the k-5 kids in elementary and the 6th graders in middle school. The k-5 kids could think that their best players are removed from their team, and the 6th grade players could feel that they have no chance to win in the middle school section.

The primary section was created after the rules were passed. So any player in grades k-3 can play in the primary or can play in the elementary. So a k-4 school may choose to play all their kids in one of the elementary sections.  Note that a 3rd grader that is rated between 600 and 799 may choose to play in the Elementary J V (U800 section) as opposed to playing in the Primary Championship.

In general new players in elementary and middle school should play in the novice section, provided that they have not gotten too high a rating if they have played in one or two tournaments.

Another consideration is that players sometimes play in championships sections so that the school has enough players to form a team.

if you have any questions about what sections to play, please contact Barb Swafford,  214.632.9000

The TCA Scholastic Committee is the next higher body in authority.

This tournament will use the February Supplement.


March 8-10 2019              A State Championship event.

US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

2019 Texas State Scholastic Chess Championships (Super State), 7SS, Houston Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Dr., Houston, TX 77042. $99, $99, $99, $99 rate includes American Breakfast Buffet, Call 1-800-452-5110 to make reservations mention group code DCC or register online thru link on web page. Reserve by 2/27/2019 or rate may not be honored. Note that the rate can sell out, so make reservations early.

Tournament is open to any Kindergarten-12th grade student living in Texas or going to school in Texas. Note that if a student has played in another stateís closed championship, they may not play in this tournament.

Four championships: TX Primary Scholastic Championships; TX Elementary Scholastic Championships; TX Middle School Scholastic Championships; TX High School Scholastic Championships. EF: $44 by 2/4; $55 by 2/28; $73 after 3/1 or on site. On Site Registration: Friday, 5:30-6:15pm, Saturday, 8-8:30am. Saturday registrants will receive a 1st Rd. 1/2-pt. bye. Two 1/2-pt. byes allowed as long as one of the byes is for round 1, if requested by the end of Rd. 2. Sections: K-1 Championship, Primary (K-3) Championship, Primary JV (K-3 w/Ratings Under 600), Elementary (K-5/6) Championship, Elementary JV (K-5/6 Under 800), Elementary Novice (K-5/6 Under 500), Middle School (6-8/9) Championship, MS JV (6-8/9 Under 900), MS Novice (6-8/9 Under 600), High School (9-12) Championship, HS JV (9-12 Under 1000). See Article IX, Section 1E, TCA Bylaws for each section's eligibility requirement, . Note that 2019 February Supplement will be used. Note new for this year:  John W. Griffin Memorial Chess Scholarship award sponsored by Belleville Capital Management. They will present certificates to the winner of the High School Championship ($1000), Middle School Championship ($500) and Elementary Championship ($100). The certificate is to be used for secondary education at an accredited institution at some point in the future. We will redeem the certificate and pay directly to the institution. It is the sponsorís expectation to make this scholarship a yearly annual award in which a player may win more than once. Trophies for top 20 individuals and top 15 teams in each section plus participation medals for all, and plus Score Awards for players scoring 4 or more points that do not win an individual trophy. Top 5 Grand Champion trophies.  The 3 Primary sections will be merged and using the top 15 players, a grand champion will be crowned. This will also be done for the 3 Elementary sections and the 3 Middle School Sections. For the High School the two sections will be merged and the top 10 players will be used to determine the grand champions. Note that trophies will not be given out in advance and must be picked up at awards ceremony. Please make arrangements for picking up trophies at award ceremony or to get trophy shipped.

Schedule: Round times vary depending on the Section. For round times check website. Time controls: All High School and Middle School Championship Sections: Rds. 1 G/45 d5; Rounds 2-4 G/60 d5, Rds. 5-7 G/75 d5. All Elementary and Primary and K-1 sections as well as MS JV and MS Novice: rds. 1-4 G/45 d5, rds. 5-7 G/60 d5. For round times see: Side Events: See website for side events. Side event registration on site only. All registrations (except Side events) available on line: see and you can download flyers and entry forms. Checks payable to Dallas Chess Club. Mail entries to Dallas Chess Club, c/o Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036-47195. For tournament info, visit our website or contact Barbara Swafford,  or 214-632-9000. Refunds will be given only up to 3/1 with a $10 surcharge for withdrawing, after 3/6 there will be no refunds. There will be no substitution of team members. There will be a $10 change fee for changes after 3/1. There will be a $5 surcharge per player for phone registrations USCF membership is required. Proof of membership is required or player must join/renew their memberships. No registration/changes/or withdrawals by phone or email after 3/6/19 as we are driving to the site; after that date you must make changes at site (Houston WestChase). W.