Past Events Archive

This page has links to results for most past major events held at or hosted by the Dallas Chess Club since 1997.  Occasionally I've included links for non-DCC region 3 events or state events.  Some pages include photos and a tournament or event report of some kind, although many are simply crosstables. For the crosstables of more recent Region 3 tournaments please check the Region 3 page.  Games from some of the events below are available to view online on our Java Games page or to download. (Crosstables of recent weekly tournaments can be accessed by choosing the appropriate day from the drop down menu in the left frame.)

Tournament Results by year: 1997   1998   1999   2000

WBCA at DCC Crosstables 1997-1998


Dec 9, 2000   DFW Elementary School Championships. Results.

Dec 2, 2000   Dallas Junior OpenResults.

Nov 18, 2000   DFW Primary Championships. Results.

Nov 11,  2000  12th Annual DFW High School Championships. Results.


Oct 28-29, 2000 Dallas Open, Amateur and Novice  Results and Games.

Oct 27, 2000 Dallas Open Action Results.

Oct 14, 2000  12th Annual DFW Middle School Championships. Results

Oct 8 &  Sept 17, 2000 DFW Invitationals Results of tournaments.

Sept 30, 2000  DFW Grade Championships.   Results

Sept 22, 2000   Dallas Chess Club Action Championship. Results

Aug. 27, 200  DFW Invitational, run by John Dilucci.

Aug. 4-6 or 5-6  J C Thompson Memorial Open Results 

July 22, 2000. Results of  the Summer Sizzler 3

June 23-25, 2000 The 2nd Annual Texas Junior Invitational Results, photos and games! 

May 27-29, 2000 Texas 55th Annual Texas State Championship.  Final Standings: State Championship & Amateur Championship.

May 12-14, 2000 2000 National Elementary Championships, Grapevine, TX 
Area Trophy Winners

April 8, 2000  11th Annual DFW Middle School Championships.  Final Standings: Championship  & U900

April 1, 2000 Metroplex Spring Primary & Elementary Championships.  
Final Standings: Primary       Elementary

March 10-12, 2000 Texas Scholastic Championships.  Final Standings.

February 26, 2000 Lone Star North Texas Scholastic

Final Standings:    Primary Open               Primary U700
                              Elementary Open         Elementary U800
                              Kindergarten                Middle School    
                              High School

Feb. 12, 2000 Texas Region III Scholastic. Final Standings, all sections. (Individual Standings and Team Standings are on the same page.)

Kindergarten    Elementary Open    Elementary U800  

Primary U700    Primary Open     Middle School Open    Middle School U800

High School

Feb. 4-6 or 5-6, 2000 2nd Annual Ken Smith Memorial Open. Final Standings

Jan 15-16, 2000 TexOhma Open, Amateur & Novice Final Standings.

Jan 8, 2000 The Cowtown Open and Scholastic   Final standings.


Dec 11, 1999  Dallas Area Chess In Schools Championship Results on the DACIS website.

Dec 4, 1999 Dallas Junior Open. Final Standings.

Nov 13, & Nov 26/27, 1999 Results of DFW Junior Invitational tournaments run by John Dilucci 

Nov 20, 1999 DFW Elementary School Championships. Results.

Nov. 13, 1999 DFW Fall Scholastic Grand PRIX Series Tournament #4 Results at

Nov. 13, 1999 11th Annual DFW High School Championships. Results.

Nov 6, 1999 DFW Elementary School U800 Championships. Results

Oct. 29-31, 1999 3rd Annual 1999 Texas Grade Championships

Oct 9, 1999 DFW Primary Championships. Results and Photos